How to get money from bitcoin

After you buy Bitcoin sometimes Bitcoin price does not always rise or not infrequently it goes down because of the negative movement of the market. One strategy to reduce the loss is to buy cloud mining to help you gain additional benefits. In the meantime, you may also need to check out the recommended bitcoinira.

What is Cloud mining?

Cloud mining is a solution to mining Bitcoin (Mining Bitcoin is the process of creating Bitcoin.) By buying it online usually in GHS units. By purchasing GHS you will get a Bitcoin income per day. Usually, GHS can also be sold back to the company or other members.

So when Bitcoin rises its price you get two benefits:
+ resell the GHS.
+ sell the Bitcoin you getYou can buy it through a trusted company.

Buying Company Shares

The next way is to buy company shares through Bitcoin. There are many companies selling shares owned through Bitcoin media. The company usually gives you dividends in return.

Maybe Bitcoin does not always go up but usually companies more often profit than loss (read: except bankruptcy). By buying shares you benefit from the value of the shares you buy and the resulting dividends. But remember to be careful in buying stocks. Because it is not uncommon that the company you invest in is fictitious. Be sure to check the company’s background first before investing.

The high-risk “high yield investment program”

Why do I say the investment company is right? Yes because it is shady, which means no permission is not listed alias swindler! Companies investing on the internet like this are known as HYIP (high yield investment program) or means investment companies with high yields that do not make sense. Some companies even offer 150% of revenue in 1 day or 120% in 3 days with various explanations.

Keep in mind a company like this usually pays in the beginning but leads to fraud behind. Investing in a company like this is lucrative but make sure you get a profit, not a victim.

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