How to Make Coffee Like a Barista

Coffee made by cafe does feel different than homemade coffee. Behind its delicious flavor, making up for the quality of raw materials used to make coffee at coffee shops is a concern. Now, you no longer need to worry because there are ways that you can imitate to make coffee at home at the coffee shop by using our Bean Ground.

1. Coffee Beans

If you want to get a taste of delicious coffee like in a coffee shop, then make sure that the beans are quality. Do not use instant coffee packings that have been processed. Choose fresh coffee beans or freshly roasted, resulting in a delicious and fragrant aroma.

2. Milled Coffee

After the beans are roasted, it is time to grind. Choose a grinder or grinder of quality coffee beans so that the results are still good. When grinding coffee, make sure the grinder or grinder is clean and free from other scents, because it can affect the taste as well as the smell of coffee later.

3. Coffee and Water Comparison Ratio

This ratio can also affect the final taste later. Should not use too much water because it will make the taste of fresh coffee, and vice versa, do not use too little water because it will make it bitter. The exact ratio is every 1 gram of coffee powder brewed with 15 ccs of water.

4. Hot Water Temperature

The temperature in the hot water used will also affect the taste in coffee. So, how to make coffee as good as a coffee shop cannot be arbitrary. Instead, use hot water temperature 89-96 degrees Celsius. Boiling hot water will actually damage the quality of coffee and affect the taste.

5. Wear Milk or Creamer?

If you want to taste richer, then you should use pasteurized milk or UHT. UHT milk is very fitting combined with espresso or other coffee. Milk can also provide a sweet taste in coffee compared to a tasteless creamer.

6. Dripper technique

Coffee drip or dripper is a method of making coffee by relying on water drip slowly after the coffee powder is brewed with hot water. First, you can pour hot water into the kettle that already contains coffee powder with dripper container. Then, pour the water little by little or all at once slowly. This water pouring technique that influences and manipulates the movement of coffee powder when passed in hot water.

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