Notice the following when performing Endorse on Instagram

In the endorsing business, you should not upload endorse photos more than one within a certain period so you can focus on making the right caption on your first post with Make sure first if the caption you choose is right. In making Caption endorse, you must use a caption that is concise and clear because it can not be denied if someone will only see the post for a few seconds before moving to other posts. So, make a concise caption but it has provided a broad picture.

Stop Using Excessive Emoji and Hashtag
The use of hashtag and emoji to enhance your Instagram photo captions is needed to get many likes but the excessive amount of hashtag and emoji in product promotion will make it look messy. So try to limit the hashtag and emoji in every post. You can use two hashtags on each caption and use hashtags that are related to the image and the destination you are sharing it with.

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