A couple of useful tips for your first time traveling on a ship or boat

A ship is a transportation mode that is quite popular for traveling between islands, especially during the holiday season arrives. Ships are more desirable than aircraft because the cost is relatively cheaper. In addition to cheap, a special experience to travel to enjoy a vast expanse of ocean. In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning how to sail, you can Learn to Sail in Tenerife.

For those of you who will be traveling by boat for the first time, you can follow the following tips.

Prepare Your Luggage Sufficiently

Before traveling, you should prepare the things needed during a boat trip, one of which is food. The food you prepare should be adjusted to the time of travel on board. Although food is available on board, it is good to keep food preparations from home, especially snacks to fill the vacancy time on the road.

Provide Drunk Drugs to Avoid Seasick

Do not forget, you must bring drugs, especially seasickness drugs. When you first board a ship, you better take anti-hangover drugs first. Drugs anti-seasick serves to prevent nausea while on the boat, especially for those of you who first feel the boat ride. Or, at least you can also prepare candy with the sour taste to avoid nausea.