Make Your Apartment Balcony With Some of These Tricks

The apartments are a comfortable place for some people who are looking for a good dwelling for them. One of the apartments you can choose is parc esta. Its location in the center of the city can make you reach your destination very easily. That way, then you can save your time on the way to the place.

Living in parc esta does not mean you can not have a beautiful garden and full of ornamental plants. You can decorate the balconies in your apartment and make the right garden to plant many trees. There are some tricks you can use to create a small garden on your apartment balcony.

1. Check the maximum load
Before you buy large quantities of p, make sure that the balcony has a large enough load. if you can walk on it easily, without any obstacles then it means balcony you are ideal enough for me to be a park.

2. Create a vertical garden
If your balcony area is narrow, vertical garden making methods can be a pretty good idea. Planting media used in general is not a soil media, but the material carpet cloth or rock wool that can absorb water with thickness 7cm.

3. Place chairs and casual tables
In order to create a true garden feel, do not forget to put the chairs and tables relaxed on the balcony of your apartment. If you want more interesting scenery, you can also place some floral pillow and flower vase on a roundtable.

4. Consider a lawn balcony
For those of you who feel the garden without grass feels bad, maybe the use of synthetic turf tiles can be used as a shortcut. The impression of a real garden will be your immediate feel. Or another way to do is to put grass on a wooden pot of rectangular shape.