Here’s Some of The World’s Largest Books Book List

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One festival that is always enlivened by many people and certainly requires a gazebo is a book festival. There is some biggest book festival in the world that always held with many visitors. Some of the festivals in question are

– London Book Fair, UK
The book fair, held every April in London, England, is an important event for the country. As a mecca for the book industry in Europe, the UK has always been serious about holding the London Book Fair. More than 25,000 publishers, book distributors, agents, writers, writers, and readers from various countries often enliven this book fair.

– Gothenburg Book Fair, Sweden
Gothenburg Book Fair is also one of the largest book festivals in the world held in Gothenburg, Sweden. The book festival that has existed since 1985 was originally intended only to be a trade fair for librarians and teachers. But based on its development, the festival of this book became the largest literary festival on the mainland of Scandinavia, which is visited annually to 100,000 visitors and 900 exhibitors from various countries.

– Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, UAE
The largest book festival in the Middle East provides a platform, where publishers, booksellers, agents, cultural organizations, and mass media can meet in one container. Exchanging ideas and identifying business opportunities in the book industry became the focus of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair in each of its operations. With the aim of bringing together international and international publishing communities, this book festival is always enlivened by visitors.