Do Not Be Afraid To Write Personal Experience For Public Consumption!

If you are always confused about what to write, then writing a personal experience is a good idea. You can pick up a story about your holiday travel experience to some places in Phoenix for example.

All your experiences are sources of unlimited ideas that can be explored, even trivial experiences such as meeting small beggars or simply staring up at the sky. So from now on, change your mindset and tell yourself that there are no bad ideas, just bad writers.

Thus, you will not dwell continuously on the problem of looking for ideas. Because writing things trivial anyway, if done with all my heart, the results will be awesome.

In addition, you also do not have to worry if the results are bad if you are very lay with writing activities then be prepared to produce bad works. Your writing will surely be bad whatever you do. I know because I was once in your position. So, do not ever expect instant results or you just harvest disappointment. As long as you continue to do so, the better will be your writing.