Factors Affecting Solar Panel Performance

Sure, it is important to get and read reviews of green generators, even more, when you expect to get the most of the generator you will use at home. However, you must also keep in mind that the solar panel option is the crucial thing to consider, as said before. When you try to gain related information about the best solar panel and how it will work, then you come to the right place.

In the production of solar panel power, there are several factors that affect the performance of solar panels in generating power. This factor is important to note, so the efficiency of solar panel performance can be maximized.

A material of the solar panel

Solar panels consist of solar cells that are strung in series and parallel. Each solar panel has a series of different cells, from 36 to 72 and more. Materials solar cell makers also vary.

A temperature of the solar panel

Temperature levels also affect the performance of solar panels. Ideally, solar panels shirt at standard 25 ° C. As temperature increases, the efficiency of solar panel performance also decreases. For average temperatures in Indonesia of 25 ° – 35 ° C, solar panels degrade production efficiency to look. To overcome this, how to install solar panels must be considered. Give enough space under the solar panels, so airflow can lower the temperature of the solar panels when the air temperature is at its highest peak.


Note the position of laying the solar panel. The best location is a location that does not have a barrier object that can generate shadows on installed solar panels. Especially for the use of polycrystalline type panels, shadows can affect the overall power production of solar panels.
For the best performance of solar panels, make sure the furthest corner of the object around the solar panel installation location does not fall on the solar panel. Make sure if there are plants, whether small or high, the movement of the shadow does not cover the solar panels. Prune and trim the plant, if until the shadow covers the solar panel.